Odyssey of the Mind World Finals

Two Westfield elementary teams competed in the World Finals Tournament of the Odyssey of the Mind, an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students.  The Westfield teams placed 5th and 19that last month’s competition in Ames, Iowa at which approximately 50 of the best Odyssey teams from across the globe competed. 


Fifth place was awarded to the team representing Wilson School which competed in the “Vehicle” problem, outranking teams from countries such as China, Singapore and Poland.  The team from McKinley School, competing at the World Finals for the first time, placed 19th in the “Technical” problem.  


During the worldwide competition, teams from around the world compete in their chosen “Long Term” problem category and in a “Spontaneous” problem-solving exercise.   Long Term problems are scored for a team’s ability and creativity in solving the technical aspects of the problem as well as script and stage presence and style aspects such as scenery, props, and costumes, all of which are produced solely by the children on the teams.


The teams are as follows:


Wilson School, Division 1, Problem 1                             

5th Place

  • Emma Crall - Wilson, 3rd grade                                       
  • Ted Crall - Wilson, 5th grade                    
  • Michael Fisher - Franklin, 5th grade                               
  • Jake Park - Wilson, 5th grade                                         
  • Logan Partridge - Wilson, 3rd grade                               
  • Neil Shastri - Wilson, 5th grade                                       
  • Chloe Yu - Tamaques, 5th grade                                    
  • Parent Coaches, Hillary Crall and Steve Yu                     

McKinley School, Division 1, Problem 2
19th Place

  • Christian Buonopane – McKinley, 4th grade    
  • Collin Foerst – McKinley, 3rd grade
  • James Foerst – McKinley, 5th grade
  • Grace Matus – McKinley, 4th grade
  • Lincoln Meyers – McKinley, 5th grade
  • Madeline Smith – McKinley, 4th grade
  • Logan Welsh – McKinley, 4th grade
  • Parent Coaches:  Cara Foerst and Suzanne Welsh



For more information about Odyssey of the Mind, contact Westfieldodyssey@gmail.com