ELL Summer Experience at Westfield Public Schools

Westfield students representing 6 different languages recently enjoyed a weeklong summer camp focused on providing meaningful enrichment activities for students to continue their English language acquisition while having fun.

 The ELL (English Language Learners) Summer Experience ran from July 9-13 at Wilson School, welcoming students in grades 1-4 whose native languages are Russian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Turkish, and Azerbaijani.

 Campers and their instructors Mercedes Poyntz and Jillian Martinez paid a visit during the week to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, with preceding lessons and activities on the senses, the solar system and other topics geared toward making the most of the trip.  

 Enrique Pincay, supervisor of K-12 World Languages and ELL, says the ELL population in Westfield is small but diverse with 16 different languages reflected in the district’s student rosters.

 “We embrace our cultural diversity and are cognizant of the richness it brings to our students and our educational community,” says Enrique Pincay, supervisor of K-12 World Languages and ELL.  “The perspectives and cultures present in our schools not only provide our schools with an opportunity to celebrate our differences, but also help us educate all our students with a global mindset.”


Source: Westfield Public Schools