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Food Allergy Progam

Tamaques Elementary School
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School Food Allergy Program

The following guidelines have been implemented in an effort to minimize risks and provide a safe educational environment for students with food allergies.

The family’s responsibilities are:
  • Notify the school of the child’s allergy
  • Provide written medical documentation, instructions and medication (if applicable)
  • Educate the child in self-management of her/his food allergies.
The school’s responsibilities are:
  • Review health records submitted by parent and physician
  • Communicate to all staff that interacts with student regarding the allergy
  • Implement an emergency care plan
  • Identify a rescue team in the event of an emergency
  • Educate students and staff about food allergies
Classroom/school management:
  • All classrooms have a school-wide listing of students with food allergies identifying the allergen(s) for teacher/substitutes/lunch aide’s review
  • Food sharing is not permitted
  • All students must wash their hands before and after lunch
  • All students will eat their lunch on placemats when eating in the classroom
  • Students eating peanut/nut sesame products will sit together in a defined area in the classroom
  • A nut-free table will be provided in the gym for students with nut-free lunches
  • School personnel will not be responsible for checking food ingredient labels